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"You Keep Me Runnin'"

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There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to make the decision to stay or move on. In their third album, Los Angeles' own The Crash Kings decided to just start "Running." The first single to be released from their still untitled third record, "Running" explodes with high energy and an addictive melody that is sure to draw the listener in and get people moving.

Founding members and brothers Antonio and Michael Beliveau grew up in suburban Massachusetts, playing music together nearly every day from a very young age. Yet it wasn't until both of them graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music that they really came into their own. The brothers quickly set out to leave their mark and change the way we perceive rock music.

After being discovered by Linda Perry in late 2006, the group went on to develop a unique sound as a piano-driven American rock and roll band. Linda signed them to the legendary Motown Records, and in 2010, their debut single, "Mountain Man," shot to the top of the Billboard charts, where it held the Number 1 position for three consecutive weeks.

As "Mountain Man" topped the charts, they performed on Jimmy Kimmel! Live! and George Lopez Tonight, as well as touring with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell, Jet, and the Bravery. The band seemed unstoppable.

But, as we all know, the music world can be a devilish thing to control. After the merging of EMI and Universal, the band found themselves unable to release their second record, and at the same time were unable to do anything about it.

They were stuck in a situation that, unfortunately, many bands know all too well. After their second album, Dark of the Daylight, was finally released in 2013, they assumed the momentum would continue, but they soon learned that trying to take the reins of their business all on their own would prove to be more difficult than they had anticipated. The music was there. The live shows were explosive. They just needed to free themselves from the bonds that held them down and begin again.

Three years later, in 2015, they finally have done exactly that. After years of reflection and introspection, disassembling their team and reassembling it, which included finding their new drummer, Tommy Rose, the Crash Kings have gotten back to where they always wanted to be. Independent and in control of their own destiny, the band is again able to make the music they love and share it with the world.

The first single to be released, "Running," is a song of youth and energy, confusion and inspiration, letting the listener know that he or she is not alone, while at the same time pointing out that the chase can often be the best part of any venture.

Known for their one-of-a-kind sound, which features Antonio's whammy bar outfitted Clavinet, big rock piano, and Mike's unforgettable "lead bass" sound, they have no problem breaking down the preconceived notions of what you think a rock band should be. The brash confidence and rare excitement of The Crash Kings invade everything they do, holding back for no one and throwing everything they've got on the table. After years of ups and downs, Tony explains it best, "We have been writing this album our whole lives, from the time we were born. Every experience we've had in our lives goes into our songs, which makes them very personal and exposes our vulnerability at the same time. This is what we are here for - to make music. And as long as we get to do that, the hard times somehow become the best times as well."