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MATTHEW KRATZ, better known as KRADDY in the music world, is a composer, producer and DJ based out of Los Angeles. Kraddy is a "producer's producer" and is renown for his most famous single to date, "Android Porn," which has been viewed over 300 million times and has been used in over 285,000 different videos on Youtube. He is also frequently hailed as the creative force behind the Glitch Mob (the group he co-founded and left in 2009). Kraddy has consistently defied genre-confining conventions to create his own unique sound. Kraddy's upcoming release "Be A Light" is a unique collection of tracks ranging from heavy bass anthems to melodic and etherial balads.

Kraddy's discography is formiddable - three EPs, three full-length records, and countless singles and remixes, most notable remixing Rob Zombie's single "Superbeast." With so many new DJs appearing overnight, Kraddy stands out as a pioneer of electronic music whose music and sound have stood the test of time.